Design and construction of the reception desk and the library of a contemporary art space (Ecureuil Foundation for Contemporary Art, Place du Capitole, Toulouse - France), 2018-2019 – Co-design: M. Viollet


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The double space of the Foundation for Contemporary Art « Espace Ecureuil »

The Foundation is situated on the main place of Toulouse – France. After important rehabilitation works, the team wanted a new desk and a small and welcoming library, in the entrance hall. This new space meets these expectations: it doesn’t disturb the discovery of the works of art, and permits to the visitors to spend time in comfortable armchairs, reading art books and documents on the exhibition. A small space is specially designed for children. The wooden fence offers privacy to the public, and creates a visual relationship between the library and the reception desk.

 Photos © François Talairach

© enzo karamitros