Creation of stage

Dance show “200 000 + 1 demain”

Ballet Intemporel Company, 2007

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200 000 + 1 demain (200 000  + 1 Tomorrow)

Choreographer and dancer: Bertrand Giampiétri

“This choreography speaks above all of the human.

One day, I was thinking about that while walking in the town. The ground under my feet, the well-designed architecture…

My senses were more sensitive than usual. I smelled a lot of flavours, fast food oil, disgusting food. Some people were in a hurry, others were unbearably slow.

And then I looked at men lying on the ground. A huge contrast.

I’m going to tell you about these people. These bitumen animals who live every day in the urban jungle. I began to investigate, to bring into houses, abandoned hangars. In most squats, everything is placed one meter of the ground. Clean or dirty, everything is tidy away in the corner of a single room. The openings are blocked, it’s dark, the house chooses invisibility.”

Bertrand Giampiétri

Photos © Aki Watanabé