Status causae

Video installation without sound – Scent of burnt wood  Technical sheet 


One day, I was looking for pictures or videos on Internet and I came across this small timber house, lost in the flow of an improbable documentary of American propaganda. It was in the aftermath of the Second World War. People were building dummy housing in Nevada desert to test their atomic resistance. The movie argued that the better way to resist enemy attacks, was good housekeeping and mutual assistance. 

In this artificial chaos, this brief and hypnotic extract of a burning house challenged me.

More than fifty years later, revolts are born here and there. The media speak of it as new revolutions. But it quickly proved dashed hopes.

The new “May 68” seem to be individualistic and unable to federate. Are we still able to build a utopia? For that, we should be able to think together, beyond the comfort of our walls.