30th festival Traverse Video      

Toulouse – March 2017


Installation – exhibition vues – Seven loop animation films, five digital photomontages (PRÉP’ART school)

What can we think about two rows of big and black cathode ray tube televisions on their small bases? What do they represent for the youth? What memories do they awake in those who, before the 2000s, gathered in front of the tv news or manga animations? 

Today, the screens are flat and light in our pockets, or giant in our living rooms. They became part of our body, external brains. They are open doors to a flow of images without hierarchy.

The old television sets give material back to the images. The short animation films of Parasites run in a loop. The soundtracks provide an annoying, discordant hubbub. When approaching, we discover the specificity of each sequence: spectral landscapes, abstract compositions; characters who repeat the same gesture indefinitely, the same expression…

The digital photomontages punctuate the installation. Like the short films, they combine images from different sources. Thus, nudist surfers innocently pose in front of an atomic mushroom. Like bugs, personal archives are mixed with historical documents, photos of amateurs, advertisements… It sounds absurd, but these collisions between dramas, jokes and news are not trivial.

Thus, in films and photomontages, the question of the origin of images constantly arises. This echoes the leveling of data on the internet. At what point does the meeting between unrelated documents give birth to a new image, disturbing and rich in its multiple roots?

Photo © enzo karamitros