Those watching us


Video installation 2018 – Data sheet

Halfway down a narrow corridor, three videos challenge to the visitor.

This installation is not spectacular: silence, small tv screens. But the situation is uncomfortable. Bodies are too close in this claustrophobic space. And the confrontation with the videos is disturbing.

The same face is declined in this triptych. Like a photomontage, it is made up of several identities. Neither man nor woman, half man half woman. The front faces look like skinned, they have been manipulated: splitting, mirror, compression. Only their eyes move.

The origin of daily images is not always traceable. Sometimes they are reduced to messages, to symbols. Then they make us forget that the images say nothing. The strange triptych stares at us, yet it retains its mystery. It refuses to be reduced to easy words; it confronts us with what we are unable to translate, to the monstrous, to the shapelessness.