Video Installation Status Cosae


Location of the installation:

Closed exhibition room of 20 square meters. Very silent space, temperature around 23 degrees.

Description of the installation:

The video is projected on the wall opposite the entrance. The walls are black, except for the frame of the projection, painted in white.


Video projector (with DVD player or USB port)

No lights

Electric fragrance diffusers (provided)

Three 3-meters electrical extension cords

Description of the video:

Burning house (one-minute loop video)

Video format: .mov


Minimum projection size: 180 centimeters (adaptable to the size of the wall)


Add perfume once a day to the fragrance diffusers

Some indications of the atmosphere:

The installation is silent; the visitors can smell artificial chimney scent. The video, from an old documentary, is blurred when they approache. The heat and the smell contribute to make the atmosphere quite uncomfortable.