Useless of the object


The reappropriation of objects by artists who think about the waste, accompanies the expansion of the consumer society. But these denouncements haven’t solved the problem, far from it. Our contemporary objects add to the objects abandoned by our parents, in thicker and thicker layers. Now they saturate the auction websites.


Like objects, the photos age. But today, their obsolescence is almost simultaneous: very quickly, they pass from the status of information to the status of archives. However, these pictures and objects don’t disappear. People can still bear witness to this transition from the rare to the overabundant.

And this overabundance of contemporary vestiges become a subject of reflection about on a current situation. We can appreciate these objects because a very large number of them still exist, in very good condition. By extension, their presence in art raises the question of the testimonies that our era leaves to the future: what objects? What architectures, what philosophies, what literature? What masterpieces will stand the test of time and in what condition?


The presence of banal objects in the field of art question the boundaries between the useful, the decorative and the useless specific to art. By losing its use, the object draws attention to its plastic qualities (colors, design, material…). It displays its materiality, which the screens deny: we do not expect to the object to be singular. It must be sanitized, absolutely identical to the photo on the sales websites, faithful to its five starts and to the comments that accompany it. 

This website collects a part of the design and artistic creations linked to this reflection. In the form of sculptures, pictures and furniture, the material still preexists. It is taken from everyday life, and from the recent history of human production.