Creation of stage sets and accessories

Play “Madame Ka”

Oui, Bizarre Company, 2009


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Madame Ka

Staging : Isabelle Luccioni

“ Mrs. Ka, middle aged woman, is wife and mother. In some scenes, she plays with a partner but it sounds like a monologue. Maybe because she is talking to herself, maybe because the other is not responding.

She gets upset, she interacts with a photo booth, a fax machine… She urgently asks her talking bird – trained to remember phone numbers – to tell her that he loves her. She is involuntary witness to discussions in the Subway, she hears voices of an answering machine in her building. She has tape-recorded whole meals in the countryside with her husband and friends, and she listens to that alone. She wrestles with the reality. This woman is therefore neither mad nor exceptional. She is just sometimes offset from reality, or rather from conventional life. She prefers to escape, to observe and listen.”


Photos © enzo karamitros