“In my head it jostles, an idea here, an idea there.”
If it jostles in enzo k’s head, it also jostles in his space.
Imagine being greeted by an army of figurines, Harlock as a protective fairy, Babar car driver and Mickey cosmonaut, a robot of the 80s and Donald moving legs when you squeeze his tail.
If, unfortunately, a stream of air or an awkward step aside strikes a character, this unstable equilibrium threatens to collapse: scrap wood (with or without nails), wall paper (glossy, printed, torn), cameras, video camera, paint bombs, tools that cut and grind, 50s furniture, packaged dolls and a few thousand lamps.
Above this cabinet of curiosities (and below Harlock), an iMac enthroned on the desk-dining table.
Everything is essential: time, accumulation, materials (as important as cookware and tubes of toothpaste, that are less bulky). Essential, trust in chance too. Sooner or later meetings will operate between objects, between times, between qualities. The large and the small, the useful and the pleasant, the elegant and the decrepit. Romance between image of art and image of war, between Playmobil and a headless saint, all’s good.
Innocent nonbeliever, but with good spirit.
Although ...
Using his jigsaw, scissors, polygon tool and feather tool in Photoshop, enzo k carves a microcosm, casually, quietly scratching conventions.